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Reshaping the way personal data works online

Blockchain is bringing us the Internet of Value.
A new platform to reshape the world of transactions and data
for consumer and business alike.
YourBlock fully intends to be at the forefront of this ‘digital revolution’.


YourBlock will store the consumers’ personal and sensitive data on its own private Blockchain. YourBlock will “anchor” to the public Ethereum Blockchain to prove/achieve immutability.

GDPR Compliant

Automated compliance with the EU’s new complex GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data privacy regulations.

Consumer Control

Allows both business and consumer to operate with total transparency.

YourBlock - In a nutshell

A fully Secure and Private Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data.


Private Blockchain, linked to Public Blockchain.

Consumer Control

Providing the consumer secure access to quotes for products and services, if and when the consumer wants.

YBK Tokens

Used for discounts on products and services, and awarded upon completion of transactions.

Built for business

Offering service providers a secure platform to upload their pricing and underwriting matrix.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts between the consumer and service providers completed on the Blockchain, achieving immutability and data integrity.

Data Integrity

Provides up to date and accurate information to service providers/suppliers. Allowing them to quote with a higher level of accuracy and lower risk factor.

Token Sale Terms

YBK Supply

Total token supply = 200 Million (200,000,000) YBK tokens

30% of YBK tokens sold to public in the token sale.

YBK Value = $0.50

Hard Cap = $15 Million

Soft Cap = $2 Million

Token  Address = 0xf56414ae268293dc717878eec223567d960f2f7c

Basic Terms

Pre sale start date: June 1st 2018 at 12:00 midday – $2 Million

Discount on Pre Sale YBK tokens is 40% – Lock in periods will apply

Pre sale end date:  TBA

Main sale start date: TBA

Main sale end date: TBA

What makes it different

The YourBlock platform will offer several benefits to both consumers and service providers.

  • Consumer benefits:
  • Financial savings by sharing commission/origination fees earned by YourBlock, through simple price comparisons and alerts, and through smart tracking of spend on services.
  • Higher data privacy by controlling who and when service providers get access. Limiting access to only the data necessary to offer the service.
  • Greater transparency on comparable services and on policy/ contract terms.
  • The more users on the platform the greater the chance to get better deals with the service providers for their products and services.
  • Service Provider benefits:
  • Improved consumer data quality, kept up to date post on-boarding.
  • Cost savings and improved customer experience enabled by the automation of on-boarding and claims, modifications, cancellations and renewals of policies/contracts.
  • Reduced insurance fraud through automated smart contracts.
  • There are several additional benefits to related parties in each industry. For example, in the Insurance space, the following parties will also greatly benefit from YourBlock: re-insurers; industry watchdogs; brokers; regulators and law enforcers.

How it works

YourBlock is a private eco-system, anchored to the traditional Ethereum Blockchain, using smart-contracts to allow for the secure storage of personal data.

Smart-contracts and the nature of the Blockchain technology will also allow Service Providers to upload information of available services. Both parties will meet on the eco-system, to manage their policies (the consumer) or to provide quotes (the service provider).

A Personal Assistant AI For The Consumer

Dave and You is a front end user interface for the YourBlock framework. As a stand-alone app, Dave, the AI enabled chat bot assists the consumer in searching out the best deals and helping them to manage their finances. Dave is smart, the more he learns the more he helps. The customer only ever needs to input their data once.


Our Team

The YourBlock team brings years of experience in the financial, insurance, data and system development sectors within profitable businesses. Those businesses have turnovers in excess of £100 million per annum, business transacted globally, and data managed from multiple territories.

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